> Maine 2010

Jack in rocking chair on Resort porch
Croquet 4
Jack, Kitty and Mason
Croquet 2
Jerry waves his arms
Resort behind croquet
Jack and Betsy
Artsy croquet shot by Kitty
Croquet by Kitty
Mason by kitty
Sarah with Mason and Alannah riding her legs
James by Kitty
Heather by kitty
Calvin by kitty
Croquet watchers 2
Croquet watchers
Kitty ball
Sarah by kitty
Twilight chairs
James and Heather (holding Alannah)
Jack and Kitty in the pool
Jack and Thom walking to the pool
Thom and alannah
Bocce 2
Jack in motion
Jack running
Waterland bocce
Beautiful view
Kitty on green
Kitty on the green
Gazebo with Thom and Jack
50 years married!