I am an artist, a fiber artist to be more exact. I sew, knit, needlefelt and do almost anything else relating to fiber or fabric.
I'm a mom to two awesome beings: Jack and Kitty.
I'm a partner to an amazing man I feel blessed to be with everyday.
I'm a reader, thinker, laugh-er, optimist...
I used to work for IKEA as an Interior Designer... until I jumped on to the Mommy-track full-time when Kitty was born in August 2005.

I have a degree in photography from RISD... my degree has served me well in life... I don't do photography professionally, but am convinced the critical thinking skills I learned in college have made me a figure-it-out kind of person. Having said that, I've been a toystore manager for a now defunct chain of toy stores (Zany Brainy) and have held many different positions in my 9 years with IKEA: Textile/Rug Manager, Lighting Manager, Human Resources Recruiter and lastly as an Interior Designer. I'm was finally in the right spot, career-wise until motherhood called. My plan is to make quilts for a living when the kids get old enough to go to school. This is an idea which has been under consideration for some time now. For now, I make quilts as I have time... my project list keeps growing, but time is limited when you have two little ones underfoot.
I started sewing as an artistic outlet after graduating from RISD with a BFA in Photography. I couldn't afford all the supplies and gear that went with setting up a darkroom, so I pulled out my 1920's Singer sewing machine inherited from my grandmother and started the artistic passion that has lasted 14 years (so far.)
My work is fueled by the juxtaposition of color and pattern. Color inspires me, it motivates me, it moves me. I love putting colors together that are unexpected, but that resonate energy. My work is also driven by the notion that I want the things I create to be part of everyday life... whether it be a quilt on the end of a crib, a word or phrase rendered in thread and fabric tacked to a door, or a wall hanging providing a visual poem over the sofa in the family room.
Each design is one-of-a-kind, never to be duplicated in the same exact way twice. I refer to myself as an 'action quilter' in the same school of thought as the action painters of the 1940's and 50's: Pollock, Krasner, de Kooning. I start with the very barest of an idea (the color orange with teal, as an example) and then just start sewing. I never know where I am going to end up when I start. That's the beauty for me... this process keeps me in a constant state of artistic wonderment.
I like to think my pieces embody the joyful energy that was used to create them.